PT. Gema Piranti Semesta

CDI ignition System Trainer EASYTECH (CDI Ignition Systems Trainer)
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30 Jul 2019
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GEMA PIRANTI SEMESTA is a manufacturer of machines Exhibit education (Educational Training Aids) such as:

  1. Live Car Trainer, EFI system Diesel Engine simulator, Trainer, Power Window car AIR CONDITIONING Trainer, trainer, Trainers, transparent ABS live Engine trainer, Automatic transmission Manual & Trainer, body Electrical system, Power steering, Alternator Charging & trainer System Trainer, Motorcycle trainers & carburator, injection of motorcycle live Trainer, CDI Trainer, Trainer, Motor Car

cycle Trainer, Live, stand, Sectioned, cutting engine, electrical system, transmission (matic/manual), Charging, ignition, hydraulic, alternator, Break, suspension, chassis, body, 2/4 strokes strokes, gasoline/diesel engine, Toyota 5 k, Toyota Kijang EFI. 7 k.etc

  • Other trainers such as: Marine engine trainer, Air Plane Engine Trainers, Other Electronic Trainer

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