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Four Post Lift capacity of 4.5 ton
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08 Aug 2019
IDR 01

Specification of

Four Post Lift capacity of 4.5 Tons

• Electric water-control operation system.

• Mechanical self-drived lock and water-safety release.

• Electrical hydraulic power system, cable-drived.

• Skid proof diamond platform.

• Two adjustable turntables positioNS to fit the different wheel base.

• Adjustable platform and adjustable safety lock ladders.

• Dual safety device: In case the primary safety locks are out of operation, the lift would also

be locked automatically by a second safety device.

• Optional Jack and Turnplate.

Lifting Capacity 4.5 Tons

Overall Length (Inc. Ramps) 5512mm (217 ")

Overall Width 3208mm (126 1/4 ")

Lifting Height 1915mm (75 3/8 ")

2.0/3.0 HP motor

Packing Dimension 4670 X 560 X 720 mm


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