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Elevator Parking Elevator Car Warranty
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08 Aug 2019
IDR 01

Specification of

Elevator Car Parking Capacity 4Ton (9,000 Lb)

• Exclusive hidden safety locks and manual single-point release device.

• Double "S"-shape columns to increase the columns element

• Cmomercial double safety locks

• Skid proof diamond platform

• Four steel stops us standard configuration for more safety

• Optional: Plastic drip trays (4 pcs), Jack tray (1 pc), Caster Kits (4 pcs)

• Flexible design USA model P-408

Powerside column can be installed at each Corner 220V or 110V single phase power unit.

This parking elevator is designed portable, it can be moved easily by using the optional caster kits.

Lifting Capacity 2.5 T (9.000 lbs) 98 Seconds Lifting Time/47 Seconds

Overall Length (Inc.Ramps) 5557mm (218 3/4 ") Overall Length (No700mm

Overall Width 3206mm (126 1/4 ") Width Between Columns (2860mm 112

Lifting Height 1872mm (73 3/4 ") Overall Height 2105mm (82 7/8")

Width Between Platforms 1077mm (42 3/8 ") outer wi2 Platforms 3/8")

Gross Weight 966Kg (2.129 lbs) Motor 110V/1.5 HP 10

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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