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Truck Tyre Changer
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29 Jul 2019
IDR 01

Specification of

Tools substitute tires for trucks

Electrohydraulic special operation for truck, bus and passenger car wheels

Product Parameters:

Pump motors: 1.5KW

Rotating the motor: 2.2KW

Clamping capacity: 14 "-26"

Maximum tire diameter: 1200mm

Maximum tire width: 700mm

Maximum tire weight: 500kg

Package size: 2000x1580x950mm

Weight: 670 / 520kg

Product Features:

◆ Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the clamp range from 14 "-26"

◆ Automatic electrohydraulic operation

◆ Movable controlling unit

◆ Hydraulic motors with pressure adjustment device

◆ Adjustable clamping force

◆ Automatic fast turning

◆ Lifting arm tool carrier arm can move simultaneously to get closer

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